Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, Inc. (VPS)  is an independent, survivor-run, statewide organization founded in 1983 to provide information, education and technical assistance regarding issues of mental health.  Our primary purpose is to ensure that those who have been labeled mentally ill and/or have experienced mental health challenges have an effective voice in advancing the issues that are important to our well-being.  To this end, VPS:

  • Promotes the equal rights, participation and protection of all those who have been labeled by psychiatry;
  • Provides “voice” statewide for those who have been labeled by psychiatry;
  • Provides outreach within the community;
  • Provides hospital patient representation;
  • Provides for and supports new growth opportunities through independent project supervision;
  • Develops and encourages local mutual support resources, including survivor-run groups and networks;
  • Publishes a newspaper;
  • Supports employment opportunities;
  • Fosters leadership;
  • Educates statewide through a variety of programs, presentations and training opportunities; and
  • Advocates on local, state and federal levels through media, legislature and collaborative partners.

Main Location:  128 Merchants Row, Suite 606 | Rutland, VT 05701

Telephone:         1 (802) 775-6834

Facsimile:           1 (802) 775-6823