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VPS is a statewide non-profit organization providing support, education, and advocacy to anyone who experiences mental health problems, including those within the mental health care system. We continue to be a grassroots organization, encouraging and empowering people to take the steps necessary to create a healthier Vermont for all. VPS supports and sponsors a variety of smaller programs and initiatives, which range from the publication of Counterpoint (a mental health quarterly), outreach services, statewide patient representatives, education and wellness training, and warm line support to the recent Vermont Peer Leadership Retreat. VPS is a proud member of the Wellness Workforce Coalition.

VPS is gratefully funded by the Vermont Department of Mental Health.

Main offices are located at 1 Scale Avenue | Building 14 | Suite 52 | Rutland, VT 05701

Contact 1 (802) 775-6834

Read complete organizational by-laws here.

VPS is thankful to Linda Corey, former Executive Director, for her long dedication “to the movement to empower all people” and her service with the organization. Linda was recognized with the Leadership Award at Vermont’s Mental Health Advocacy Day in February 2014, which honors the Vermonters who have made a difference in the lives of others, who embody the spirit of service, support excellence in mental health care, reduce stigma, and renew wellness.

“From your lived example of love and dedicated service you continue to be a force in the forefront of a movement to empower all people. Truly a pioneer, you protect the rights of others. You have given a voice to those who had no voice. You have advocated in a fierce yet friendly way. Truly a survivor, you are witness to a changing world and a changing mental health care system. For your leadership, perseverance, and courage, we honor you.”

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