Patient Representatives

Dedicated to helping individuals in psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment facilities understand and navigate Vermont’s mental health care system.

Patient Representatives are employed by Vermont Psychiatric Survivors. They do not work for the State of Vermont, hospitals or residential treatment facilities.

What Patient Representatives Do:

  • Listen without judgment or bias
  • Educate individuals about their legal rights and assist individuals in completing formal grievances and paperwork
  • Support and advocate for individuals with hospital staff, in treatment team meetings, and at court hearings, upon request
  • Identify resources that address individual preferences and interests
  • Advocate for system-wide change based on observation, experience, and feedback

If you have questions about what a patient representative does or how to reach one in your area, contact VPS at  802-775-6834 or contact a patient representative directly:

Michael Sabourin

Michael Sabourin


[email protected]
(802) 345-0644
(802) 479-8716

Isaac Lezcano

Isaac Lezcano


[email protected](800) 603-0144

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