Some of the Root’s programming includes Soul Food Sundays, a “multi-generational safe space for People of Color to come together every month,” and the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Caucus, a “network of People of Color coming together to sustain our communities and organize collectively to build relationships, power & systemic change for the lives of POCs.”

Today we’re celebrating community work of The Root Social Justice Center

Nestled in the Southeast corner of the state, The Root Social Justice Center has done constant community work toward racial and social justice since it was collectively founded in 2013. 

The Root Social Justice Center provides a physically and financially accessible space in Southern VT for social justice groups to meet AND is a hub for racial justice organizing. The Root prioritizes People Of Color leadership and shifting resources to People of Color-led racial justice work.” 

Throughout the Root’s campaigns and programs run the deeply felt values of mutual support as a means of transforming systems, sharing leadership and resources toward everyone’s liberation, and creating access by breaking down barriers to participation.

Many local organizing groups and nonprofits use the Root’s space for meetings and events, and consider the Root their physical and political home.

Last year, the Root partnered with Out in the Open to bring Miss Major Griffin-Gracy (right) to speak in Brattleboro. Miss Major is a transgender rights and prison justice activist and community elder.

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