We’re celebrating you today. 

Today we’re celebrating you.

On this day of self-care, we’re celebrating everyone in our community. We’re celebrating psychiatric survivors and mad folks in Vermont and elsewhere, and all the ways we strive to take care of our needs each and every day.

Today, lets remember that we all have self-care strategies and they don’t all look alike. Let’s remind ourselves that we are each the experts of our own experiences. We as individuals have a better understanding of our needs for ourselves than anyone else. Let’s try to avoid judging people for their coping skills or survival strategies that are different from our own.

So today, do something, any little thing at all, to take care of yourself. And let’s all celebrate ourselves and each other.


Image by @lauraheartlines, shared on twitter by Mental Health First Aid England (@MHFAEngland)

Some survival strategies from a Creative Maladjustment Week workshop by the Hive Mutual Support Network. Brattleboro, VT, 2017

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