Chris Hansen (left) and Shery Mead (right)


Celebrating Chris Hansen and Shery Mead, and Intentional Peer Support


Thousands of people around the globe are forming connection and strengthening their communities, thanks to the skills and knowledge we’ve learned from the work of these two amazingly kind and devoted individuals. 

Sherry Mead is the founder and Chris Hansen is the Director of Intentional Peer Support. They are both survivors of psychiatric oppression and discrimination. Their work provides the peer workforce with trainings that allow us to create non-coercive support built on connection and mutuality. 

“Intentional Peer Support is about conversation. It’s about how we know, how we create new “knowing” through dialogue, and about how we as human beings interrelate by beginning to practice the art of connection – with ourselves, the people in our lives, and the people on the planet we may think we have nothing in common with. For me, it is a practice that has no right or wrong. It is always in flux; much like improvisation in music. It is a process of experimentation and co-creation. It assumes that we “play” off each other and create ever more interesting and complex ways of understanding. We see it as a tool for keeping the world on its toes, becoming more comfortable with less predictability as we become less reactive to fear. In other words, it is not another practice that presumes to have the answers but instead, it aims to generate good questions.” —Intentional Peer Support: An Alternative Approach 

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