Ericka Reil, Advocacy Organizer at VCIL

Celebrating the activism and advocacy of Ericka Reil

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 is Day 3 of Creative Maladjustment Week. Today is the Day of Laughter and Joyful Noise. 

For this Day of Laughter and Joyful Noise, we are celebrating the work of Ericka Reil, Advocacy Organizer at Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL). 

VCIL is a nonprofit organization directed and staffed by individuals with disabilities, works to promote the dignity, independence and civil rights of Vermonters with disabilities. VCIL’s Peer Advocacy Program engages people with disabilities in community efforts to promote changes in programs, policies, and laws that recognize the civil rights of individuals with disabilities.

Ericka’s advocacy and activism lifts up those of us marginalized by ableism and saneism. She brings joy and humor to her work and everyone around her. She is a powerful voice for disability rights here in Vermont and in the disability justice community nationally. Our community is stronger, louder, and more joyful with Ericka’s presence. 


Image of Ericka being interviewed at a protest in Boston. 

Ericka and other activists at a protest of the movie Me Before You, which sends a negative message about disability. June 2016

Image of Ericka being arrested at a protest in Nashville. 

Newspaper coverage of a protest in Burlington. The sign on her back reads “Danger Uninsured”. 

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