Celebrating the work of Matti Salminen

Creative Maladjustment Week 2019 continues with Day 2: Day of Action and Movement!

On this Day of Action and Movement we are celebrating the work of Matti Salminen: Zen radical, martial artist, haiku poet, investigative journalist, activist, and creator of King Snake TraditionKing Snake Tradition is a martial arts philosophy and practice consisting of free teaching, public art, and non-violence. The KST System supports that there is political, ethical, and strategic content to balancing the pen and the sword.

“The work I’ve done to create KST has helped me to build a life out of madness. As a philosophical doctrine it draws from a practice which I devoted myself to in another reality. In this other reality, I rose to be the greatest warrior in history by following a path to be like the king snake. My course of study in martial arts has allowed that I reflect on and gain wisdom from this other reality.” – Matti Salminen

Matti was the first organizer of Vermont Mad Pride, which started 4 years ago.  

Vermont Mad Pride is a march and celebration organized by psychiatric survivors, mental health consumers, mad people, and those the world has deemed “mentally ill.”  Mad Pride is about challenging discrimination, advocating for rights, affirming mad identities, remembering and participating in mad history, and having fun.  Our lives and contributions are valuable and need celebration!


Vermont Mad Pride 2016

Image source: https://kingsnaketradition.com/


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