Celbrating the work of Phoebe Sparrow Wagner


Creative Maladjustment Week 2019 begins today, Sunday July 7. Today is the Day of Creativity. For this Day of Creativity we are celebrating the work of Phoebe Sparrow Wagner. 

Phoebe is a psychiatric survivor and an award winning author, artist, and poet living in Southern Vermont. Much of her work illustrates her experiences of force and coercion during psychiatric hospitalization.  

We are all grateful and inspired by Phoebe’s creative works and advocacy for our community. 

Join us on Saturday, July 13th for Vermont Mad Pride 2019, part of Creative Maladjustment Week. 


Psychiatric Takedown: Someone’s Watching

Psychiatrie Macht Frei? No!

John Dempsey Hospital Psychiatry First Floor, U-Conn Health Center, Farmington, CT-restraints torture!

Phoebe performed at Vermont Mad Pride 2017. Recently she constructed a giant puppet with a crew of other folks for Vermont Mad Pride 2019.

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