It’s not always easy to reach out for help. Many people feel alone, scared, or don’t know where to go. They may feel like they are the only ones who have certain problems or have been told you just don’t talk about it. At VPS we understand and we don’t sit in our offices waiting for you. We reach out in a number of ways to a number of places all over the state of Vermont. Below are some descriptions of our outreach initiatives.

Community Links

This program helps people regain independence by making connections in the community and assisting in meeting service needs while building natural supports. This allows people to work on their personal recovery and wellness; gaining control over their life. Staff work in a variety of co-supervised settings in the Rutland region that we call “Links” or “Bridgers” back to community life and wellness. Link outreach staff also can assist with developing wellness and recovery plans. A link is a voluntary connection and is not meant to be forever. Those of us in recovery can tell you this is often a lonely journey if done alone. It can be a much easier one once you discover what makes you tick and what keeps you well. As peer outreach staff we have ‘been there and done that’ and are here to support you in your journey.

Rutland Recovery Collaborative

This is a local Rutland area pilot project funded by SAMSHA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) BRSS TACS (Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale) with partnering agencies, The Turning Point Center of Rutland and Vermont Psychiatric Survivors (VPS). The goal of this program is to create one door; with one number to call for information and referral to primary care providers and easy access to self- referring individuals. You may use peer to peer support, WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) development or Recovery Coaching by calling (802) 775-6834. (We will need a signed release by you and your primary care provider so we can place an outreach call to you or you may self -refer as well). Your provider may also make an assisted call with you present. The Turning Point Center provides an array of support groups and a location where people can socialize with others who are in recovery.

Peer to Peer Support

At VPS we see peer to peer support as the experience of people with similar life experience sharing and supporting one another in mutual and healthy ways. Our work is confidential and mutually. We endorse the use of physical activity, the arts, music and other creative endeavors to enhance recovery. VPS practices an informed decision making process around personal and medical care. We also promote and advocate for improved medical services and well researched medication that we sometimes receive to allow us to access recovery. We promote evidence based peer practices as well as practices that work. Also key to peer support are advocating for one another, and educating to decrease stigma.

We believe that nobody has to do recovery work alone. We encourage you to learn from people with lived experience how to access what you need, advocate for yourself, and improve your day-to-day living.

Vermont Psychiatric Survivors - Warm Line

For more information about VPS Outreach call (802) 775-6834 or email info@vermontpsychiatricsurvivors.org