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Vermont Psychiatric Survivors (VPS) is a non-profit membership organization and we would love to include you on our new, revised list of members.

Please fill out the form below and feel free to call our office with any questions at 802-775-6834.

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Thanks to all who participated in our 2014 Annual Meeting, held in Randolph, Vermont, on Monday, September 15, 2014.

***Remember!!!  Per the VPS Bylaws, membership is on an annual basis.  To remain an active member permitted to vote at membership meetings, you need to re-submit your contact data, (address, telephone, email and name), every year. You can do so at the VPS website or by calling the office at 1-802-775-6834. If you are unsure whether you are an active member call or email the office. To vote at the annual meeting people need to be on the roster by September 1st.***